DS® acrylic glass manufacturer

DS® acrylic glass, Plexiglas® processing

DS® acrylic glass, PLEXIGLAS® cut to size, acrylic processing according to your specifications

Doberstein Group is a manufacturer of DS® acrylic glass and a processor of DS® acrylic glass, extruded acrylic glass sheets and cast acrylic glass sheets in many colors.

DS® acrylic glass GS-XT, transparent 2mm-120mm

DS® acrylic glass GSXT-, transparent cut 2mm-120mm

What is the difference between acrylic glass and PLEXIGLAS®?

PLEXIGLAS® is the trade name or brand name, such as Perspex or DS acrylic glass, under which the PMMA is sold or marketed.

Quality differences?

As with all products, there are great differences in quality that the layman cannot see with the naked eye. What is important in the production of acrylic glass are the basic materials used, which are decisive for quality and longevity.

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