Fountain Wine of Architecture

The fountain has been with us since the beginning of human history. Back then, as the central source of water supply, the fountain developed into a water feature and thus as an important part of the interior and exterior architecture


Show fountain-public fountain

Music fountains-jumping jet fountains

Fountains were once considered a symbol of power and wealth – today they are an important part of the interior and the gala construction – the health aspect especially in the interior, the provision of a healthy indoor climate and air purification.

Today, depending on the size and the amount of work involved, the water fountain is affordable for everyone, whether as a terrace fountain-garden fountain or room fountain. These water objects enchant and inspire our imagination. Not only the visual effect counts here, but also the evaporation and air cleaning effect that is useful for us. Which creates a healthy climate in our living area.


We manufacture in a wide variety of materials and sizes, from music fountains to room fountains – individually adapted to the corresponding customer requirements.


Ball fountain-floating objects

Our strength as a German manufacturer of ball fountains and floating water objects is our experience in the manufacture of natural stone fountains. Our motivation and competence in the production of natural stone wells explains the positive response worldwide, whereby we are able to manufacture a ball up to a diameter of 3 meters.

Ball fountain granite

Ball fountain with floating ball, we manufacture up to 3 meters ball


Floating granite cuboid

Granite cuboid with bronze woman floating


Ball fountain assembly

Globe fountain construction site ball fountain with world map


Music Fountain-Music Fountains-Multimedia fountain

Fascination music fountains – the tailor-made water show. Adorable, the changing water-color movements that follow the rhythm of the music. A visual and acoustic spectacle that pulls us all under its spell.

Music Fountain-Music Fountains

Faszination-Music Fountains-Musical Fountain

Multimedia fountain-jumping jet fountain

Multimedia fountain-music fountains

Jumping Jet Fountain-Jumping Jet Fountains

Jets of water rise and fly in your set orbit as if by magic. And hit with millimeter precision without splashing into your predetermined catch openings. You have the option of adjusting the water jet continuously or in different lengths. Suitable lighting effects support this spectacular water show and make us believe that the water transports the light. Jumping jet fountains are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Integrated into a fountain system made of natural stone, Corten steel or stainless steel, the “water show” attraction is perfect.

Fountain system with jumping jet fountain

Jumping jet fountain facility


Jumping jet fountain system

Jumping jet fountains-granite fountains

Show fountains-public fountains

Our many years of experience in well-well plant construction enable us to take on the most difficult challenges of our customers and to achieve them with skilled craftsmanship and elegant design. There are almost no restrictions when it comes to size and design. We realize your exclusive water feature according to your ideas.

Public fountain, show fountain

Multimedia fountain-public fountain show fountain


Public fountain facility show fountain

Public fountain facility-show fountain

Corten steel fountain and design elements

Trendy and timeless, the Corten steel fountain, an important component in gardening and landscaping but also in upscale interior design. Rustic, easy to care for and beautiful to look at – thanks to the constantly changing colors. The material Corten steel is an important component in well plant engineering. It turns every water feature into a work of art.

Corten steel fountain

corten steel fountain-Public Show Fountain

Precious rust, rust, rust activator, quick rust, corten steel and steel

Proven and highly effective, the quick grate that does what it promises!


Precious rust, rust, rust activator, quick rust, corten steel and steel

Stainless steel, rust activator for steel and corten steel

Since we were dissatisfied with the effectiveness of the standard rust grills on the market, we developed our own rust activator that met our requirements exactly and the result was the numerous positive responses.

Stainless steel fountain-stainless steel fountain

Stainless steel fountains – the modern and noble material transforms every fountain into a unique piece. The material has an almost unlimited lifespan and gives the water feature a special touch. Stainless steel is simply indispensable in gala construction and in the manufacture of wells indoors and outdoors.

Stainless steel show fountain

Stainless steel fountain-stainless steel fountain system


Fountain care fountain care product

Well cleaner, well descaler

Fountain care fountain care product

The perfect fountain maintenance, cleaner-decalcifying maintenance, our maintenance program for all fountain pumps and water features. For undisturbed operation – biodegradable – highly effective, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, also ideal for continuous operation.


Construction fountain facility

Construction site show fountain

We accompany our customers from the creation of an adapted offer through 3D planning to the execution of the assembly work. We round off our services by creating regular maintenance and service appointments. To provide our customers with an all-round carefree package. For a non-binding offer or open questions, we are happy to help and advise you. Just give us a call on our hotline tel. 0043 6767 609066 or write us an email to:

our consultants look forward to hearing from you!


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